Make you a deal

In Discussion on February 11, 2010 by ariew

Last class Randy and I railed against the philosophical quality of the papers we read in evolutionary economics.  I suggested that a philosophical critique would be rather easy to do, “low hanging fruit” to borrow a phrase that my colleague, Zac Ernst likes to use.  So, what about it?  Want to pick up the call?  Two groups: one to respond to Hodgson.  The other to respond to Witt.  Each of you start by writing a very short email focussed on one blaring problem that bothers you.  It must be crystal clear and concise.  I assign Yasha and Collin to be the group leaders.  Send them the email.  They will help organize the comments and provide further instruction on how to put it together.  Let’s see how it goes.

The deal?  Well, don’t you think doing the service of setting some economics professors straight good enough?  Who knows, maybe there’s a publication in it?


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