Readings for this week (Optimality)

In Class matters on February 27, 2010 by collinrice

Hello all.  Just wanted to clarify my plan for the readings for next week.  The Seger & Stubblefield Chapter and the Handout I made over maynard smith are meant to introduce the topic of optimality modeling in evolutionary biology.  That is, only read them until you’ve got the general idea of how the models are supposed to work.  The main readings are (1) Orzack & Sober “How to formulate and test adaptationism,” (2) Brandon & Rausher’s response to Orzack & Sober, and (3) Angela Potochnik “Optimality modeling and explanatory generality.”  I’m planning on discussing those three in class (unless anyone has clarification questions about the others).  Since it is a short week, I just wanted to let everyone know what to focus on in more detail.  Thanks for reading.  I’m looking forward to our discussion.




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