Universal darwinism – without the aid of economists

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2010 by Randy

Chance works in academe, as well as in natural selection. A quote that is too delicious not to share showed up in the Evolving Thoughts blog today. A 1995 book touting Universal Darwinism with particular focus on cultural evolution by Cziko was reviewed by David Hull in Nature.

“Evolutionary theory seems so easy that anyone can misunderstand it.”

It reminds me of our discussions around evolutionary economics.

Andre: we need to include this in the opening chapter of our book!


One Response to “Universal darwinism – without the aid of economists”

  1. I’ve convinced myself that the conceptual tools required to fully understand evolutionary theory are “probability thinking”. Same with economics, physics, medicine. They are all on a par. That’s why I teach it in PHL 1200 to masses of students.

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